The Behavioral Health Education, Retention, and Expansion Network of Nevada (BeHERE NV) is a new workforce development initiative to increase the number of providers of behavioral health care in Nevada. In 2023, the Nevada Legislature unanimously passed Assembly Bill 37 to create a statewide behavioral health workforce development center within the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE). In September 2023, the NSHE Board of Regents designated the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) to serve as the administrative hub for BeHERE NV and to build connections across the state.


Welcome to our very first BeHERE NV newsletter! Let me start by sharing how we got here. The idea for a behavioral health workforce development center in Nevada was inspired by a 2016 presentation from the Behavioral Health Education Center of Nebraska
(BHECN). Similar to Nevada, Nebraska has struggled with meeting the behavioral healthcare needs of their communities due to significant workforce shortages, especially in rural and frontier areas. Through legislation, BHECN was created to invest in a “grow our own” model to expand the behavioral health workforce. Over the years, the concept for a center in Nevada was formed after multiple presentations and meetings with various stakeholders across the state. In 2022, the Rural Regional Behavioral Health Policy Board (RRBHPB) voted to use their bill draft request to establish a behavioral health workforce development center in the 2023 Nevada Legislative Session. UNLV and the RRBHPB partnered together on Assembly Bill 37, which was passed by the legislature and approved by Governor Lombardo. At its core, BeHERE NV will focus on growing a diverse behavioral health workforce to care for Nevada’s diverse population through recruitment, education, and retention efforts across the state. In closing, I want to extend my deep appreciation for the support many of you have shared over the years for this idea, and to the RRBHPB for their invaluable collaboration. Follow us along as we build our team, launch our website and programs, and support the future and current behavioral health workforce to BE HERE in Nevada…the best is yet to come!

Sara Hunt, Ph.D.
Executive Director

Dr. Sara Hunt, is the Assistant Dean of Behavioral Health Sciences and an Associate Professor at the Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine at UNLV. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Iowa, and received her Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Psychology from Utah State University. Since 2015, Dr. Hunt has also served as the Director of the UNLV Mental and Behavioral Health Training Coalition. Her work at UNLV has focused on strategies to address Nevada’s mental and behavioral health workforce shortages through recruitment and retention initiatives. As a member and past president of the Nevada Psychological Association, Dr. Hunt is committed to advancing careers in mental and behavioral health in Nevada to improve access to quality healthcare services across the state. When she’s not working on BeHERE NV, Dr. Hunt can be found cheering for the Stanley Cup Champion Vegas Golden Knights, spending time with family and friends, and catching up on her favorite Netflix shows or podcasts.

Adriana Monroy, B.S.
Administrative Assistant III

Adriana Monroy is a
devoted Administrative
Assistant III at BeHERE
NV. As a first-generation
college graduate and
Spanish-speaking Latin-American, she has a
strong passion for
promoting mental health
awareness. Adriana has
earned a bachelor’s
degree in Business
Administration with a
concentration in
Business Management
from California State
University, East Bay.
During her free time,
she enjoys spending
quality time with her
furry companion Bruno,
discovering new places
around town, binge-watching her favorite
shows on Netflix, or
visiting loved ones in
San Diego

Eterniti Claggett, B.S.
Graduate Assistant

Eterniti Claggett is a dedicated graduate assistant at BeHERE NV. With a Bachelor’s degree in Family Studies and Human Development from the University of Arizona, she has a passion for helping individuals grow and maintain healthy relationships. Currently pursuing her Masters in Couple and Family Therapy at The University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Eterniti is committed to promoting mental health care in Nevada. During her free time, she loves exploring new hobbies like cooking to recharge and gain fresh perspectives.


We have an exciting opportunity to join our team in Southern Nevada as an Associate Director of Recruitment and Outreach at BeHERE NV. The Associate Director will engage with stakeholders across Nevada to establish pathways to careers in behavioral health; engage adult learners about behavioral health career and education opportunities; and create retention initiatives. Join us in making a positive impact on the behavioral health workforce in Nevada!
Click Here to Apply!


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Funding for BeHERE NV was made possible by Assembly Bill 37 (2023, 82nd Nevada Legislative Session) and the Nevada System of Higher Education


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